Centrum Kultury Zamek


December is no reason for things to slow down at CK ZAMEK, so there are plenty of events you’re all invited to. This will be a December of music, literature, cinema, theatre and... reminiscences and recollections.

We’re still looking for the memories which go back to World War II and the post-war period, but the recollections of the City Hall functioning in the Castle and the later Palace of Culture are most welcome too. Anything related to the building of the Castle and its history will be interesting. We would love to hear stories about the people who worked here, took part in the events held at the Palace of Culture and the Pałacowe Cinema, or attended the studios.  It would also be great to have some insight into how the Castle was spoken and thought of. The idea is to record these opinions and reminiscences, so as to make excerpts available in the multimedia library in the west wing of the Castle—once its renovation is complete. To ensure that the interviews are conducted professionally and as conveniently as possible, we have invited the staff and the students from the AMU Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology.

Exhibition entitled Can’t See It is also sure to provoke some reflection. Bartek Lis met several people he collectively chose to call “MS-ites”, for some long conversation about the invisibility of being affected by multiple sclerosis, the condition they have to live with. MS is a disease which remains unseen in many, but it can be very well felt nevertheless. It is carried like a backpack where one stowed away their wallet or glasses without which the world cannot be seen. You grow accustomed to it, though it is not something you can forget. Like the fatigue that comes over you out of the blue, and your feet only barely drag along as if it were the first day of school that’s a long way away and much less fun than the summer trips to the lake...  We will meet its protagonists at the preview (December 10th, 2019).

There will be plenty of films to see too, for younger and older audiences, enthusiasts of Polish and international cinema. Apart from what’s on our current listing, there are as many as two festivals coming in December: International Young Audience Film Festival ALE KINO! (December 1st−8th, 2019) and Afrykamera Festival (December 12th−17th, 2019). The first of those promises to be a real treat for the young viewers, with over 100 competition screenings, workshops and meetings with film-makers from around the world. Afrykamera, on the other hand, is the first festival in Central-Eastern Europe to showcase the achievement of African cinema. First and foremost, this is Africa as it is seen by Africans, the Africa experienced daily by its inhabitants, portrayed in the works of the leading African authors.

As the end of the year approaches, music must not be lacking! Luckily, some outstanding acts are coming. On December 5th, joins us for Andriy Merkhel’s performative mono-opera for female voice, recitation, chamber ensemble, video and electronic media, as part of our My Music series. On December 8th, Poznańska Piętnastka will give a concert of the best tunes from children’s shows. Then, on December 12th, Marcin Wasilewski Trio will take the stage in the Grand Hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group who, it may be noted, have been playing for a quarter of a century in the same line-up. Mitch & Mitch, one of the most numerous and mysterious Polish bands will be performing live the following day, on December 13th, in our JazZamek series. They never give interviews, and claim to be ambassadors of the US in Poland. They began with songs in a style they chose to call country & eastern; now, after 17 years, Mitch & Mitch boast 7 LPs. Over the weekend (December 14th-15th), we are going to travel into music with SKOWRONKI, to hear an extraordinary story told by the angelic voices of girls from all age groups, as Skowronki will be  joined by SKOWRONECZKI and MAŁE SKOWRONKI. The programme includes Polish carols and pastorales in compelling arrangements by young Polish composers, as well as Christmas songs from other countries. Shortly before the Christmas break (December 18th), you are welcome to see and listen to Kuźnia Piosenki—a group composed of participants in one of CK Zamek’s studios, tutored by Tomek Mazur—and the Folk Dance Ensemble Staropolanie – Wielkopolska (December 21th)

If you were wondering about meetings dedicated to literature, do not worry—we’ll have those as well, and they’ll be anything but boring! On December 3rd, we’re going to talk about Belarus as part of the series Reading Castle_Looking Eastwards. In Ojczyzna dobrej jakości. Reportaże z Białorusi, the people are unmistakably in the foreground.  Sometimes charismatic, passionate and wholly committed to an idea, and sometimes resigned and reconciled with the regime. These people are interviewed by Polish, German, and Belarussian journalists, three of whom will be our guests at CK Zamek: Jędrzej Morawiecki, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz, and Aneta Prymaka-Oniszk. The youngest readers are most welcome to take part in the workshop entitled Mysterious Portraits on December 8th, which draws on the story in the interactive e-book Tajemnicze zniknięcie Białej Damy, recounting the adventures of four children who accidentally witness the flight of the chief figure from its painting. December 10th will be a day of poetic moods with yet another meeting in the Serial Poets series, featuring Krzysztof Jaworski, Łukasz Kaźmierczak/Łucja Kuttig and Aldona Kopkiewicz. December 19th will see another session of the Castle Book Club, followed by a good, long talk with the Castle Ukrainian Book Club on December 21st.  Both meetings will be held at the Bookowski bookstore.

December is also a month of writing letters—letters which can do a lot of good. Each and every one is most cordially invited to the letter-writing marathon Write for Rights,
(December 14th−15th). This is an international undertaking organized by Amnesty International, in which we write letters all around the world and fight for human rights together. The marathon is held each year around December 10th, when the Human Rights Day is celebrated. Our words have power! 

In the winter instalment of Common Theatre, our audience will see Atomos, directed by Ewa Szumska. The performance is based on Umberto Eco’s The Bomb and the General, while the roles of atoms, people, smart and rich gentlemen are played by actors from Dramatic Group Nowi w Nowym: participants of the Occupational Therapy Workshop Przylesie which functions as part of the Na Tak Association.

Also, you are welcome to join us for a meeting as part of the Poznań Cultural Education Programme (December 17th), during which we are going to present the results of conducted studies  with the representatives of Poznań City Hall departments responsible for environmental management and protection, culture and education, health and social affairs, as well as with animators educators working in those areas.


All events at  CK Zamek are held in Polish, but our doors are open to everyone. Do come and let us meet :)

The formula of most workshops for younger children enables persons who do not speak Polish to take part as well.

If you need any more information, please contact us at informacja@ckzamek.pl