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37th International Young Audience Film Festival ALE KINO!

On December 1st, the capital of Greater Poland will see the largest and the longest-running film festival in Poznań – the 37th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!

Ale Kino! means competition screenings (with over 100 pictures selected from among the record 3,780 submissions from 115 countries spanning 6 continents), and a number of special sections: Panorama for Children and Young Viewers, Ale Kino! with Football Ale Kino! with a Thrill or Ale Kino! of the Very Youngest Viewer. Numerous other event are taking place to accompany the festival: The Great Film Adventure, Industry / Education Pro, Teachers’ and Filmmakers’ Forums, Filmmaking with the Stars Workshop or St. Nicholas’ Day events on the Shared Stage on December 6th. Finally, there will also be Meetings with Artists who come to Poznań from all around the globe. For details, visit https://alekino.com/