ZAMEK Culture Centre


ZAMEK Culture Centre is an interdisciplinary institution, presenting the most interesting phenomena of contemporary culture, in which the interwoven threads of visual arts, theatre, cinema, music and literature penetrate and complement one another. Our goal is to cater for the diverse needs of the audience and to develop the individual competence and sensibilities of its members. We also wish to be a venue of artistic experiment, by providing the artists with opportunities and conditions in which their work may take shape and be encountered by the public. 
We desire to be a place that is open, a place where ideas, notion and views may be freely exchanged. Since our profile is a public one, we find that the collaboration with our immediate surroundings is exceedingly important. No less important is supporting social bonding and encouraging discussion about the crucial issues of the local community. Given the fact that the institution resides in a former imperial castle, an exceptional witness of the 20th-century European history, the reflection on history and its impact on the present day are also an eminent item on our agenda.



prof. Marek Krajewski
Socjolog kultury

Piotr Klimek
Dyrektor Teatru Animacji

dr Karolina Sikorska

Jakub Głaz
Krytyk architektury

dr Justyna Makowska
Dyrektor Wydziału Kultury Urzędu Miasta Poznania

Marek Sternalski
Radny Miasta Poznania

Klaudia Strzelecka
Radna Miasta Poznania

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