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COMMON THEATRE has been the main area of CK ZAMEK’s activities in performative arts since 2016. This authorial project conceived and developed by our institution aims to give expression to theatre created or co-created by artists who face social exclusion due to disability, health, or background. The eponymous “commonness” denotes first and foremost the common need to find oneself in a creative process. It also conveys our intentions and efforts to make theatre created by persons with disabilities or otherwise excluded a fully-fledged artistic phenomenon. The performances are always accompanied by a range of educational activities and workshops. The programme of COMMON THEATRE relies on two essential activities. One the one hand, we stage premiere performances by three dramatic groups functioning at CK ZAMEK and, on the other, show guest performances from the repertoire of professional companies from Poland and abroad.

Previously, we took advantage of the potential of the renovated Grand Hall complex to deliver several extensive curatorial programmes: Archives of the Body /2013/ #you are not indifferent to me/2013 and 2014/, We, the Bourgeois /2014/, From a Frog’s Perspective /2015/ and an art residency project entitled Metamorphoses (2014), co-financed from the EU Culture 2000 programme and carried out in collaboration with the Playhouse for Movement Les Brigittines from Brussels and Briqueterie from Vitry-sur-Seine near Paris.

Next to such comprehensive programmes, we occasionally present performances of Polish theatres, also those from the alternative milieu of Poznań. We are proud to be permanent collaborators of the Polish Dance Theatre, whose all upcoming premieres will take place in CK ZAMEK’s Grand Hall, Lech Raczak’s Orbis Tertius – Trzeci Teatr and Atofri Theatre, who develop shows for children.

On top of that, there is our own, long-running Dramatic Studio headed by Barbara prądzyńska, which stages authorial performances


The photograph shows a group of adult women captured in a greatly expressive motion. The photograph is very bright, as the intensely illuminated artists move on a white stage with a white curtain as a backdrop. The figures are brimming with energy, their faces brightened by radiant smiles. The actresses are dressed in fancy attire resembling clown costumes, with red noses, pompons, ruffs, and flounces. The fabrics are mostly white, with elements of black and red.

Common Theatre



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