ZAMEK Culture Centre


Polish Performing Arts Network. Pilot Programme is an initiative aimed towards exploring and charting a new direction of development for performing arts. Three major institutions with extensive and well-documented experience in supporting independent art have come forwards with a pilot programme to establish and test collaborative production at interregional level. Drawing on our own substantial expertise in fostering cultural life, previous international cooperations and the knowledge  input from other networks of the kind, we hope to launch a professional, long-term project: the Polish Performing Arts Network.

In the 2024 pilot programme, one performative co-production will be selected through open call. Developed as part of the art residency scheme at CK ZAMEK, it will ultimately premiere in Poznań. Subsequently, the outcome will be presented on the stages of Instytut Kultury Miejskiej in Gdańsk and Teatr Komuna Warszawa.


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