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The work and creative output of Theatre Klucz, Theatre Under the Fountain and Theatre Jest Jak Jest—our three dramatic companies—are the central elements of the performing arts programme at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.

Due to their health, physical condition or special learning needs, the persons involved in those ensembles have not had the opportunity to take up artistic education. Thus, they might not be considered actresses and actors in the formal sense. However, through many years of work on stage, under the guidance of outstanding professionals, they have achieved a high degree of professionalism. Excellent reviews in the media, awards, invitations from theatre centres all over Poland and the undying admiration of the audiences who numerously attend their successive performances attest to their dramatic ability and artistry.

The group was established at ZAMEK Culture Centre in 2016. Since 2021, they have been working with dancer, choreographer and educator Janusz Orlik, who leads the group as well as directs and choreographs their performances.

The ensemble is largely composed of persons attending of the Occupational Therapy Workshop “Przylesie” run by the Na Tak Association. They are also accompanied by one professional dancer. The group’s adventure with theatre began in 2006, when therapist Hanna Rynowiecka and actor Wojciech Deneka started a dramatic workshop.

In the course of their work at CK ZAMEK, first as Nowi w Nowym and subsequently Theatre Klucz, the group have delivered six premiere preformances:

- At the Dump, directed by Hanna Rynowiecka

- The Centre is Where I Am, directed by by Ewa Szumska

- The Myths of Przylesie, directed by Ewa Szumska

- Atomos, directed by Ewa Szumska and choreographed by Janusz Orlik

- Tranquillo, directed and choreographed by Janusz Orlik

- Intermezzo, directed and choreographed by Janusz Orlik

These performances have been repeatedly shown on the stage at CK ZAMEK. The latter two have also received a number of invitations from festivals and stages throughout Poland.


Tranquillo of Teatr Klucz won the main prize in the Independent Theatre Competition “The Best Off” 2022. Also, Dominik Gac singled it out as the best dance performance in a survey of the Theatre monthly: “The Best of the 2022/2023 Season”.

The ensemble:
Mariusz Józefiak, Jarosław Kubiak, Antek Kurjata, Daniel Laskowski, Lidia Piskorska, Piotr Roszak, Karol Solski, Magdalena Szalbierz, Mariusz Sztuba, Arkadiusz Żmijewski



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