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The work and creative output of Theatre Klucz, Theatre pod Fontanną and Theatre Jest Jak Jest—our three dramatic companies—are the central elements of the performing arts programme at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.

 Due to their health, physical condition or special learning needs, the persons involved in those ensembles have not had the opportunity to take up artistic education. Thus, they might not be considered actresses and actors in the formal sense. However, through many years of work on stage, under the guidance of outstanding professionals, they have achieved a high degree of professionalism. Excellent reviews in the media, awards, invitations from theatre centres all over Poland and the undying admiration of the audiences who numerously attend their successive performances attest to their dramatic ability and artistry.

This informal theatre group was established at ZAMEK Culture Centre in 2016. It is made up of members of the theatre studios at the “Domy pod Fontanną”, two centres run by the Association of Persons and Families for Mental Health “Zrozumieć i Pomóc”. In most performances, they are joined by professional actors and actresses. The group’s artistic supervisor and the director of all performances is Janusz Stolarski, actor at the Eighth Day Theatre, collaborator of multiple institutional theatres and independent groups, as well as a monodrama artist. When developing the premieres of Theatre Under the Fountain, the director invites professional musicians, stage designers and visual artists.

To date, the group have staged six premiere performances:

- Niche, directed by Janusz Stolarski

- The Wedding, directed by Janusz Stolarski

- The Purple Cow, directed by Janusz Stolarski

- Grimm, directed by Janusz Stolarski

- Hunger, directed by Janusz Stolarski

- Latent, directed by Janusz Stolarski

All performances saw numerous stagings at CK ZAMEK.

won 2nd place in the Competition for the Best Independent Theatre Performance “The Best Off” 2019. Also, the group showed it at the Kontrapunkt International Theatre Festival.


The ensemble:
Mirosław Barnaś, Piotr Bekasiak, Justyna Cofta, Tymoteusz Ćwierzyk, Halina Ertel, Agnieszka Grabia, Jagoda Gruszczyńska, Krystyna Hercuń-Pilecka, Jakub Hudak, Hanna Kubaszewska, Jacek Kwiatkowski, Andrzej Nyczke, Paweł Nyga, Paweł Oltmann, Justyna Romanowska, Julia Sobczyńska, Sebastian Sowiński, Urszula Stachowiak, Beata Szymankowska, Magdalena Treichel, Ewa Zajkowska 



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