ZAMEK Culture Centre

CAN’T SEE IT sound-and-photograph exhibition

There is a disease which cannot be seen in many people, but it can be felt all right. You carry it like a backpack in which you’ve put away your wallet or a pair of glasses that enable you to see the world. You get used to it over time, though it’s not anything you could possibly forget. Like the fatigue that comes over you out of the blue, and your feet only barely drag along as if it were the first day of school that’s a long way away and much less fun than the summer trips to the lake... Bartek Lis met several “MS-ites”, as he allowed himself to call those affected by multiple sclerosis. They have talked long about the invisibility of suffering from it, while Krystian Daszkowski came back to visit some of them and take pictures showing their fragment of the world.

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