ZAMEK Culture Centre


Welcome everyone! We hope you’re doing fine and, having rested well over the holiday season, are ready to take advantage of what’s on in September! We’re very much looking forward to see you again. Our programme for this month is both abundant and diverse, so you’ll be spoilt for choice a little ;) Do find out what’s in store at CK Zamek!

Our brief overview should definitely start with the celebration of ethnic and folk music we’ve been waiting for a really long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 13th Ethno Port Poznań Festival—what else—starts on September 4th to continue over the weekend until September 6th. Live on stage, we’re going to see a range of Polish artists, but the concerts will be taking place at the Castle as well as online! On the final day of the festival, we’ll turn our attention to the situation in Belarus, so you’ll be able to listen to some of the songs which accompany the protests, including “Mury” in Belarusian.

September means the start of yet another year at school. The teachers in our art studios have prepared a programme of workshops and classes attended at the Castle and online. Those interested may enrol for courses in photography, drawing, paintings, graphic arts, screen printing, lithography, textiles, poetry, singing, pottery and dramatic arts.

The historical interiors of the Castle, which have reopened for visitors this year after a renovation, enjoy quite a popularity among tourists. Naturally, we’re very glad to see you all! Our “We Speak: Open-ly” series offers a range of event you can take part in after the tour :)

Liliana Piskorska, our artist-in-residence, is working on her project with increased intensity. The first week of September will see an unusual exhibition of her pieces: an opportunity to become slowly immersed in the total story of the rainbow plague, cultural Marxism, the poisoned flowers of the Istanbul Convention and the roots of the European Union. Preview of the show will take place on September 3rd at 6 p.m. in Room 22 (entrance from the Rose Courtyard).

Based at the Castle, the Centre for Educational Practices have prepared a series of open workshops to take place in autumn as part of the project “No See”, including white singing workshop, a meeting with body-thinking (September) and classes in the “yoga of laughter” (October).

There will also be quite a few concerts in September. Next to ethnic music, you’ll be able to enjoy jazz, minimalist and choral music, as well as some innovative forays into sound.

How about the Pałacowe Cinema? It’s ready to welcome you with plenty of screenings, Mornings for Children, film-related debates with the Castle Film Club, as well as the 11th LGBT Festival.

We’re going to devote considerable attention to books and literature as well, with two sessions of the Castle Book Club, a meeting dedicated to Panna Doktór Sadowska, Loesje creative writing workshops and the Children’s Literature Festival.

Also, don’t miss the two exhibitions in the Grand Lobby, and visit our pf Gallery of Photography to see the pictures showing the Imperial Castle during renovation and the many other metamorphoses it underwent in the past.

We’re waiting for you at the Castle!