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NEW ART SEASON 2020/2021 \ at CK ZAMEK’s studios and groups

Our studios and groups start running workshops and activities (at the Castle and online) from September 3rd, 2020. Those interested may join classes in photography, drawing, paintings, graphic arts, screen printing, lithography, textiles, poetry, singing, pottery and dramatic arts.

How are we going to work
_on site, in the Castle’s rooms during workshops;
_in small groups in the open air;
_in chamber-sized groups as part of our ensembles;
_provide one-to-one tutoring;
_conduct creative meetings in small groups;
_basic safety precautions will apply during the activities, as we will maintain recommended distance from one another, cover nose and mouth, and disinfect hands.

What we are not going to do due to safety reasons:
_work in large groups;
_work in rooms which do not meet applicable safety requirements;
_conduct activities requiring personal proximity as necessary distance will be maintained;
_organize numerous meetings and events for large audiences as part of studio activities.

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