ZAMEK Culture Centre


We’re halfway through the holiday season, but do not worry, as there’s still a whole long month ahead of us! Come to ZAMEK in August! As much as the circumstances of the ongoing epidemic allow and in keeping with the safety regime, we are going to meet you at film screenings, discussions (where we will talk openly about many things!), exhibitions, concerts, workshops and theatre performances for children. We can’t wait to see you at the Castle!

Opened in July, the newly renovated historical interiors of the Castle are ready to welcome you. You can explore them on your own, with Zamek’s tour guides or using audio guides.
Much is happening in the Castle Courtyard, with quite a few live concerts and screenings organized by the Pałacowe Cinema. If the weather turns nasty, we’ll just move to the Grand Hall, so no worries – no one’s getting wet :)
The youngest patrons are welcome to take part in our Castle Summer for Children, during which we’re going to see theatre performances by companies from across Poland and enjoy some really interesting workshops. A number of events take place in the Castle Courtyard.
If you wish to spend more time in our interiors, come to see the exhibitions dedicated to the renovation of the West Wing.
There will also be opportunity to seek alternative routes to a reality that broke down with a film and discussion series entitled Sensitive Images.
Theatre enthusiasts are in for a treat as well, with Dreams of Stone by the acclaimed Mouth to Mouth Republic, which will run as many as four times!