ZAMEK Culture Centre

SENSITIVE IMAGES. Emergency aka Action

Emergency aka Action is the slogan of the summer edition of SENSITIVE IMAGES. The crisis brought about by the pandemic has significantly redefined our being in the world. At the same time, we have known about its causes for a long time. Lack of respect for nature and its excessive exploitation, animal abuse and supporting systems which exacerbate social divides are only a few of those. Social distancing and continual anxiety foster exclusionary attitudes. For our part, we treat the above examples as emergencies which require our response and improvement. We thus declare dissent to a world eroding this way, and want to meet on Tuesdays in July and August to discuss alternative scenarios, taking inspiration from film.  All screenings will be audio described and subtitled for the hearing impaired, while all discussions will be interpreted into Polish Sign Language and streamed live online.

Using the open but intimate space of the Castle Courtyard, we are going to change into reformers, revolutionaries, idealists who aspire to fix the world.



Programme: Maja Kurowska and Jakub Walczyk

Programme collaboration: Joanna Przygońska

Accessibility coordinator: Ewelina Banaszek



Bright yellow background filled with black font and black graphic design. Captions are located in the upper part of the image. On the left, there is the name of the project—“Sensitive Images”—followed by “accessible film culture”, while the title of the series—“Emergency aka Action” is on the right. Underneath, there is a rectangle divided into three parts, with shapes resembling the human eye inside, but positioned vertically. The pupil of the eye in the centre has been replaced with a symbol of the lightning bolt. At the bottom, there are accessibility symbols and footer with logos.

Na sierpniowe Obrazy Wrażliwe zaprasza Ewelina Banaszek. Na polski język migowy tłumaczy Marta Jaroń.


Nagranie wykonane w Pokoju Brzozowym Centrum Kultury ZAMEK w Poznaniu. Ewelina siedzi na skraju znajdującego się tam kominka i zapowiada sierpniowe Obrazy Wrażliwe. Obok niej Marta tłumaczy na polski język migowy (została ona nagrana w innej przestrzeni i dodana w przestrzeń, w której znajduje się Ewelina).


Dodatkowe informacje

W tym filmie dowiesz się, jak dojść na Dziedziniec Zamkowy.
W tym filmie dowiesz się, jak wejść do Zamku, korzystając z windy dla osób z niepełnosprawnościami.

W tym filmie dowiesz się, w jaki sposób dojść do Sali Wielkiej.