ZAMEK Culture Centre

WE SPEAK: OPEN-LY! \ Dreams of Stone, Mouth to Mouth Republic Theatre

The keys clanked, the lock grated. Hoarse from all the silence, bemused by the roughness of the walls, the old edifice began its tale.

There are places which have much to tell. And there are those no one wants to listen to. Can the erstwhile Imperial Castle speak at all? Come and listen to what the century-old walls dream about. Let it open itself for you.

Join us for a performance by Mouth to Mouth Republic Theatre, with its quite unorthodox tour of the renovated historical interiors in the West Wing of the Castle. Mute for so many years, the Castle suddenly spoke. Treated unjustly by history and people, it now has a chance to tell its own story, which is not at all like the official guides about the former Imperial Quarter. Instead of a grand narrative that paints a monumental picture, the Castle reveals its dreams of stone, the unreal, humorous and wild stories, though still inspired by actual events.
The performance is accompanied by an audio play. For this reason, viewers are asked to bring their own headphones and phones with internet access. For your comfort of wandering through the Castle, please wear comfortable shoes as well.
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