ZAMEK Culture Centre

SWITCH ON! In Therapy

A block on music therapy used in working with a range of community groups, including people with disabilities, in mental health crisis and those who have experienced homelessness crisis. Presentations will focus around recordings of individual and group music therapy sessions with children and adults. During music therapy workshops, participants will be invited to experience the impact of music making on the development of their creativity. The workshops will be held by:

• Jackie Robarts - former Nordoff Robbins music therapy tutor and lecturer at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. She is currently involved in international music therapy practice:
• Dominika Dopierała - music therapist and president of the Nordoff Robbins Poland Foundation.


The graphic consists of a supersized light bulb, whose stem resembles a human head. In the center of the bulb is a red filament. The pear-shaped bulb has subtle red and blue tinges in two sections of the otherwise black rim. In the middle of the stem lies a single eye, with a nose and mouth on both sides. The lips seems to annunciate the words: "International Forum for Cultural Engagement", written in Polish on one side and in English on the other. At the top of the bulb, a bilingual inscription reads „Włącznik!” and  "Switch on!”. Below, a bilingual inscription reads terapeutyczny" and "in Therapy".


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