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PRESENCE "Głód" - premiere of the performance directed by Janusz Stolarski / Teatr pod Fontanną

"If I save one child from starvation today, will my children have to save ten in several years' time?" - This is what an Internet user posted on Facebook below an announcement of fundraising for medical food for children in South Sudan. What do you feel when you read such words?
Every eight seconds, one child dies of hunger in the world. Day and night there is a relentless countdown 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128 - one child, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128 - died...
 Following Martin Caparros, who has become our guide to the purgatorial planet, we ask ourselves, "How the hell do we manage to live knowing these things are happening?" What strategies do we have to adopt, what excuses do we have to make in order to be able to function 'normally': get up in the morning, laugh, watch films, go on holiday, buy things, celebrate...
We - artists and members of the "Teatr pod Fontanną" group with Janusz Stolarski as director, artists invited to support us with their sensitivity and talent, people taking care of us organisationally and technically - do not know how to live 'normally' with such knowledge. We create a theatrical performance looking at the phenomenon of HUNGER in the 21st century on such a wonderful, developed, modern, and rich planet! The "Głód" production is an expression of our disagreement.

Teatr pod Fontanną is an informal group that was established in the ZAMEK Culture Centre in 2016. It is composed of members of theatre studios working at the "Domy pod fontanną" - two centres run by the "Zrozumieć i Pomóc" Association which specialises in the social and professional rehabilitation of people after mental crises. The group has produced four excellent performances, the last of which, "Grimm", won second place in "The Best OFF" Nationwide Competition for the Best Independent Theatre Production.
Since 2022, several professional stage artists have joined the ranks of the theatre.

The group's artistic supervisor, initiator and director of all their productions is Janusz Stolarski - actor, graduate of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków. He has performed in: Drugie Studio Wrocławskie, National Theatre in Kielce, Polish Theatre in Poznań, Sekta Lecha Raczaka Theatre Group, Teatr Ósmego Dnia w Poznaniu, Kochanowski Theatre in Opole, Studio Theatre in Warsaw and Lech Raczak's Orbis Tertius Third Theatre.  He has also performed as a guest artist in productions such as "Don Juan" and "tryptyk wyspiański" at the Stary Theatre in Kraków, "Rzeźnia Lila Róż" at the Usta Usta Theatre directed by Marcin Liber and "Przypadki Pana von K.” at the Polish Dance Theatre. In 1994, he co-founded the ANTRAKT Theatre Association. Janusz Stolarski has won many awards for his monodramas, including the Grand Prix at the National Festival of One-Actor Theatre in Toruń (1991) for "Ecce Homo", the special award of the Jury of the Second International Monodrama Festival of the Baltic Countries - Kaunas 2010 for "Kod" etc. For years, he has been conducting theatre workshops in Poland and abroad (Germany, Romania, Moldova, Spain, France).

A performance for older audiences (we suggest: 12+), translated into Polish sign language.

direction, scenario: Janusz Stolarski
dramaturgy: Renata Stolarska
 Paweł Paluch
set design: Tomasz Ryszczyński
video: Tomasz Jarosz
lights: Arkadiusz Kuczyński, Jacek Raczkowiak
Piotr Bekasiak, Tymoteusz Ćwierzyk, Agnieszka Grabia, Krystyna Hercuń-Pilecka, Krzysztof Kowalczyk, Hanna Kubaszewska, Andrzej Nyczke, Paweł Nyga, Sylwia Marciniuk, Michał Przybytkowski, Justyna Romanowska, Robert Siwiak, Urszula Stachowiak, Julia Sobczyńska, Magdalena Treichel, Ewa Zajkowska, Zbigniew Zbitkowski, Antonina Stolarska, Felicja Stolarska, Sebastian Sowiński
production: Centrum Kultury Zamek z Poznaniu

The performance was produced as part of the performance project entitled "Presence", prepared by the Zamek Culture Centre in cooperation with the Norwegian CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Warsaw's Teatr 21 thanks to the grant from the Norwegian and EEA Funds.

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