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They earned their place among the Polish classics. Everyone knows them. With their simplicity and sincerity they reach out to everyone, they are universal. No matter their own or listener's age – they can reach the heart and capture that special something, here and now. Their songs have an incredible ability to stimulate conversation, open the mind and loosen the tongue. Few bands in Poland can pride themselves on such a prolific history of playing together. Together they have come a long way through many trends and styles, from the Jarocin stage to Agnieszka Osiecka's studio. They consistently impress with their sensitivity, perceptiveness and reserve. 30 years ago, in the corridor of a dormitory in Zielona Góra, three young people played their first sounds together and so the story began.

The story of the band that has stayed true to themselves and their musical path, consistently stepping aside from the mainstream. The story of the band which, in a way known only to themselves, was able to combine Adam Nowak's literary talent with musical finesse and fantasy, producing their own characteristic and recognisable combination of the musical and literary language.
Of the band, which in an unrivalled way interpreted the songs of A. Osiecka and W. Młynarski - with full respect for the originals. Moreover, it's the story of the band that has built a huge bond with their listeners over the years, playing thousands of concerts - from small clubs to huge concert halls.
It is the concerts that have become the hallmark of "Raz, Dwa, Trzy" - its peculiar DNA.

With concerts too - without big celebrations, commemorations or broadcasts, we want to celebrate our friendship with you and express our gratitude for you being with us. These 30 years have passed us by like one concert!

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