ZAMEK Culture Centre


Important notice!
Due to preparatory works for the exhibitions of Izabella Gustowska and Dorota Nieznalska, a part of the space in the West Wing is inaccessible to the public, including the Ash Room, the historical lift, the Travertine Hall, and the Mahogany Room. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We say hello to October with a new season, the beautiful golden autumn. In this time of warm sweaters, teas with ginger and honey, and pumpkin dishes, CK Zamek brings you an entirely new programme of events. Curious to know what’s in store? 

For those who do not know or simply forgot, October at Zamek is very much about film thanks to the International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA we have held without interruption for the past 24 years. The 2020 edition is exceptional due to its hybrid nature. Our audience will be able to watch the documentaries in the cinema and online. The choice is up to you!  

Apart from the Festival, there’s lots of other screenings at the Pałacowe Cinema, including Mornings for Children, debates the Castle Film Club or showing as part of the “Cinema Around Photography”.

Quite a few exhibitions are coming this month, starting with two shows of our artists-in-residence to crown their projects: Rassenhigiene by Dorota Nieznalska and Absolute Features of Similarity by Izabella Gustowska. Then, there is an exhibition of Jan Kurek’s photographs, while pf Gallery of Photography will host a show by Justyna Olszewska.

We’re also going to devote much  attention to books and literature, as the October line-up includes the Festival of Literature for Children, the Night of Bookstores, two meetings of Serial Poets, Loesje creative writing workshops and two meetings of the Book Club.

We hope not to disappoint you where music is concerned. Early in October, we cannot but recommend the concert in Our Place, Our Music series, followed by a jazz feast with Łukasz Ojdana and, later on this month: Uro 7 Pieczeń, Look for the Forest, or a tale about discovering the secrets of nature, Światłodźwięki Festival  and the International Contemporary Music Festival “Poznań Music Spring”.

The historical interiors of the Castle which opened this year after a lengthy renovation enjoy a great popularity with the visitors and tourists. Naturally, we couldn’t be happier! Coming as part of our related programme “We Speak: Open-ly!”, there are a number of events you are welcome to take part in after your tour of the Castle :)

Based in the Castle, the Centre for Educational Practices has prepared as series of open autumn workshops in their “Can’t See” series. In October, it’s time for the “yoga of laughter”.

We’re waiting for you at the Castle!