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ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE \ Absolute Features of Similarity \ exhibition

Izabella Gustowska at ZAMEK Culture Centre: A Summing-Up of the Residency

The exhibition by Izabella Gustowska will encompass considerable space on the first floor at  ZAMEK Culture Centre. It is a media-based, hybrid show combining premiere screenings of authorial material, objects and thee interactive presence of the viewer.  Immerse yourself in the multi-themed, lethargic story of fascination with bridges and twinship, which explores the infinite and the fragmentariness of reality. Despite a prominent parabolic element, it also concerns the anxieties and fears engendered by the current situation in the world.  The interwoven negative and positive images of the journey during which Gustowska leads the viewer through the spaces of the exhibition will ultimately make one ask which kind of reality is more interesting. However, the answer is not unequivocal, as the author sees them both to complement each other.

The exhibition by Professor Gustowska will be the first such extensive visual arts event following the opening of the recently renovated West Wing. Also, the audience are going to see the artist’s feature debut entitled Absolute Features of Simularity, whose premiere was to take place as the exhibition opened, but had to be rescheduled due to the  COVID-19 pandemic.

Dokumentacja filmowa wystawy Izabelli Gustowskiej. Na początku filmu kadry z otwarcia ekspozycji, w późniejszych ujęciach widoczne są prace artystki.

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