ZAMEK Culture Centre

ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ \ Releasead Sounds Trio

We have been waiting for that moment for 13 years! Maciej Rychły, the Ethno Port cicerone whose extraordinary introductions of the numerous festival acts are so well remembered, will appear on stage as a musician! Together with Elisabeth Seitz and Mateusz Rychły, they are going to perform a set honed for years (also as part of an at residency at CK Zamek), with compositions from their two albums: Uwolnione dźwięki and Muzyka Świętych Jezior. For the first, the musicians deciphered musical notation found on selected European paintings from past centuries, while the other took inspiration from Gothic tiles discovered at the bottom of the Gniezno lake. 

Maciej Rychły writes: “People see the world, which is why they can be painters. People hear the world, which is why they can be musicians. Painters happen to be in that fortunate/unfortunate position that a picture once painted endures. The works of predecessors become ‘historical painting’, while contemporary artists look for new solutions in their own work. Musicians are in that fortunate/unfortunate position that regardless of when it was composed, a piece of music ‘falls apart’ after each performance. Music must be repeatedly brought back again.”



Maciej Rychły – flutes, pastoral instruments

Mateusz Rychły – string instruments

Elisabeth Seitz psalterium

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