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CZESŁAW MOZIL’S \ Musical Stand-Up

As temperatures rise to their usual summer levels, the time has come to unfreeze the Castle Courtyard. The first to appear on CK ZAMEK’s stage is Czesław Mozil: multi-instrumentalist, one-man band, musician gifted with sensitive heart and great friendliness towards everything around him.

This performance combines monodrama, stand-up and live concert of one of  the most popular contemporary artists, Czesław Mozil. What can we expect? Let these sentences give you an idea:

Does being an alternative artist make you popular among chavs?

Poland seen from the perspective of a double emigrant who lives between Denmark and Poland, who loves the absurdities of both, and approaches everything with much humour.

Stories from life, told through Czesław’s greatest hits.

A perverse, bitter-sweet and very funny tale about patriotism, emigration and homeland, as well as about the daily life of a popular artist.

How to sit on the substitutes’ bench and score goals anyway?
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