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WE SPEAK: OPEN-LY! \ Historical interiors at CK ZAMEK reopen to public

we speak: open-ly!

When we came up with the slogan several months ago, we had no idea that the COVID-19 pandemic would lent it yet another dimension. This summer, we are not only going to open the renovated interiors of the Castle’s west wing after two years of intense conservation. We will also be happy to see you in those of our spaces which, though ready to welcome you—such as the Grand Hall or the Exhibition Hall—stood cold and empty all spring. We have also planned open-air events in the Castle Courtyard adjoining Aleje Niepodległości. As much as the circumstances of the ongoing epidemic allow and in keeping with the safety regime, we are going to meet you at film screenings, discussions (where we will talk openly about many things!), exhibitions, concerts, workshops and theatre performances for children. We can’t wait to see you!

Conservation of the historical interiors in the west part of the former Imperial Castle in Poznań / opening after completion of the works

From July 13th, the public will again be able to visit the historical interiors of ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań, the erstwhile imperial residence of Wilhelm II which the Nazis converted during World War II to suit their needs. The two-year conservation of the West Wing was the first major undertaking there since the 1940s.  Over the years of intense use, these unique witnesses to history suffered much wear and tear. The conservation of the rooms and hallways restored their splendour and enriched them with modern technologies. A number of interiors have had their appearance changed (and changed their names as well, drawing on the material used to furnish them). Consequently, there will be several new venues for our events to take place in:

_Culture Laboratory on the ground floor – a space for presentations and projects in contemporary culture,

_media library, with plenty of archival material and stories of people whose life and fates became intertwined with the Castle,

_exhibition on the second floor, featuring items associated with the building and its history, including low reliefs, furniture, documents and lighting fixtures.

In August, the West Wing will see a premiere performance by Mouth to Mouth Theatre.

Visitors will be able to explore the Castle using new ways to do so. Our patrons will be able to take advantage of audio guides: both as separate devices (unavailable during the pandemic) or as an app available to all users with a touchscreen phone (available during the pandemic).

When the COVID-19 epidemic is declared over in Poland, our guides will be able to resume their duties, conducting tours in Polish and English (guided tours in other languages can also be arranged).

Audio-guided tours – PLN 15, available daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (please note that audio guides can be collected no later than 6 p.m.). 


Elaborate mosaic in ochre, grey, white and dark purple colours.  The pattern sets out with a motif resembling four-leaf clover, and subsequently transforms into circles and squares.

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