ZAMEK Culture Centre

MOJA MUZYKA #77 Entropy performative mono-opera

Entropy  is a contemporary performative mono-opera for female voice, recitation, chamber ensemble, video and electronic media. If one attempts to imagine entropy, it is very likely to resemble a giant red bird which built the nest at the bottom of our soul. We know it as we begin to understand the world around us. The project results from the efforts of an international team of artists, including Andriy Merkhel – music, Ryszard Kupidura – libretto, Oleksandr Kryzhanivsky – director, Patrycja Piwosz – costumes, Tetiana Khoroshun – sound director, Catherine Vashtalova – video. Performed by Nazgul Szukajeva – voice and the Poznań New Music Ensemble.
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