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In November, Independence Day is celebrated throughout Poland, but in Poznań there is the St. Martin Street Name Day of top of that: an event that has become an established tradition of the city.  This year, the parade headed by St. Martin returns to its old route, starting at ul. Piekary and ending in front of the Castle. Once the saint is handed over the town keys, our live concert marathon will begin. Appearing on stage there will be Kraków Street Band, Izzy & The Black Trees (winner of the novel edition of Our Place, Our Music) and Pablopavo i Ludziki. There will also be ample opportunity to take part in animation events and workshops held throughout the day. A range of name-day attractions have been prepared by businesses, artists and animators based in St. Martin Street. Obviously, there will be no shortage of the traditional St. Martin’s croissants – the sweet symbol of the Name Day! ;)

Drop in at the Castle to see how our artists-in-residence are doing. Daniel Koniusz is preparing meetings as part of his project entitled Temporary Broadcast Institute, while Dorota Nieznalska will introduce us to the project Studies of the SS Race and Settlement Main Office Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt, RuSHA – (Wartheland). We are also going to open the exhibition crowning Aleksandra Sojak-Borodo’s Alfas (Centrum Towers). A meeting with Viktoria Teletien, resident from Kharkiv, will be held as part of the Pobratymcy / Побратимці Research Residency programme. 

A new month also means meetings dedicated to literature, and quite a few of those. CK Zamek is going to host Justyna Bargielska, Paweł Końjo Konnak, Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki, Jacek Karczewski, Agnieszka Pajączkowska and Aleksandra Zbroja. Yet another meeting of the Castle Book Club will be devoted to Bill Gaston’s Gods Take Off Their Shirts.

The November episode of our Common Theatre will feature artists from Germany, who are coming to Poznań with the performance entitled Luegen: a story about lies, about the search for truth and about gestures and facial  expression which belie the words.

In the latter half of the month, join us for a series of film and literary meetings with Scandinavia in Season. Pałacowe Cinema will be showing the most compelling feature films made in the last two years by Scandinavian authors. There will be some splendid guests as well, such as  Katarzyna Tubylewicz, Maciej Czarnecki and Piotr Mikołajczak The programme also includes a presentation of the Scandinavian Writers’ Series, reactivated by Wydawnictwo Poznańskie after a hiatus of 25 years, events for children and a lecture on hygge.

Our autumn instalment of Sensitive Images will end with a screening of the outstanding experimental documentary entitled Symphony of the Ursus Factory. The film by Jaśmina Wójcik recalls the biographies of people working in one of the largest tractor manufacturing plants in Europe, whose stories ended up on a rubbish tip as the socialist era came to an end.

There will also be time to talk about the (Not So) New Audiences: persons with impaired hearing, people affected by Alzheimer’s, hipsters and many others. Centre for Educational Practices welcomes cultural practitioners who look for inspiration in taking advantage of cultural institutions when working with various audiences. In the course of three meetings, we are going to discuss the methods of studying the (new?) audiences and interesting examples of their inclusion.

The 26th instalment of the JazZamek series (30.11.) will be an opportunity to see and listen to Maciej Obara Quartet, in a premiere performance promoting their latest album, Three Crowns.
On November 5th, 2019,  a concert entitled Musica Posthumana will take place in our Grand Hall as part of the series My Music. This month, the stage will also see Gaba Kulka, Indios Bravos, Lech Janerka and the legendary guitarist Jean-Charles Guichen.

November 24th, 2019, will be the last chance to see the work of the exceptional Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp. The exhibition is open Tuesdays to Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. 


All events at  CK Zamek are held in Polish, but our doors are open to everyone. Do come and let us meet :)
The formula of most workshops for younger children enables persons who do not speak Polish to take part as well..
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