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ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE \ open call 2019/2020

Artists representing visual arts, music, sound art, dance, performance art, choreography, literature, architecture, film and other domains are hereby invited to submit applications for one-person residency at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.

As available space is considerably limited by the conservation works taking place at the premises of CK ZAMEK, we will only be able to carry out projects which do not require extensive space as well as research projects.

On our part, we ensure:

         working space and venues for meetings with the audience,

         accommodation, travelling expenses and allowances (for residents from outside Poznań),

         a budget for meetings with the public and production of the final event (up to PLN 5,000),

         artist’s fees

We expect:

·        carry out two open events for the audience per each month of stay (open studio, lecture, wokshop etc.)

A final event is not required in view of the space constraints, though it is nevertheless possible.

 ZAMEK Culture Centre is an interdisciplinary institution, presenting the most interesting phenomena in contemporary culture, in which the interwoven threads of visual arts, theatre, cinema, music and literature intermingle and complement one another. Our goal is to cater for the diverse needs of the audience and to develop individual competence and sensibilities of its members. We also wish to be a venue of artistic experiment, by providing artists with opportunities and conditions in which their work may take shape and encounters with the audience take place.

This year’s edition of the residency programme provides for one-person artistic projects and one-person  research projects. The resident may work on their project, conduct meetings with the public or additionally produce the final event in collaboration with CK Zamek, the host institution. However, in view of the ongoing renovation of a part of our building, we prefer short-term projects (lasting from 4 to 8 weeks) which do not necessitate large space for the final event and the research projects. 

Given the fact that the institution resides in a former imperial castle, an extraordinary witness of the 20th-century European history, the reflection on history and its impact on the present day are also an eminent item on our agenda.  Time and again, the residential nature of the edifice and its rich history become a setting of artistic events, ever so often providing inspiration and a starting point for the undertakings of the resident artists.  We are also interested in projects addressing issues of urban life and ecological projects.

Residents will be able to take full advantage of the organizational potential of our institution, as well as benefit from the unique context of the building and its location.

We also find that an innovative approach to education is a vital matter. As we seek to prepare our audience for the encounter with contemporary art, we ensure them access to the artists.  Therefore we expect the residents to devise various forms of meeting the public, with emphasis on their educational potential.

We will select the most interesting projects which at the same time correspond most closely with ZAMEK’s mission and programme, while taking into account our technical capacities for their production. 
We are still interested in site-specific projects; however, unlike in the previous editions, this is not a vital assessment criterion.


1.      The programme is organised by ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.

2.      The enrolment aims to select artistic projects to be carried out by their authors in collaboration with ZAMEK in 2020.

3.      The chief premise of the programme is supporting artistic and animation initiatives with simultaneous utilisation of ZAMEK’s potential. The programme is an annual undertaking.

4.      Only one-person applications are admitted.

5.      The deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2019. Authors of projects chosen in the course of preliminary selection will be invited to present their project in detail during an interview.

6.      By submitting the application, the prospective resident declares readiness to participate in the interview in person and meet related travel expenses.

7.      Results of the final selection will be announced by the end of September, 2019. 

8.      The selection committee is composed of the following:

Anna Hryniewiecka – Director, ZAMEK Culture Centre

Zofia Starikiewicz – Deputy Director, ZAMEK Culture Centre

Maciej Szymaniak – Head of Interdisciplinary Projects Section

Jagna Domżalska – Coordinator of the Artist-in-Residence Programme, Interdisciplinary Projects Section

9.      During the subsequent stage (October 2019) project budgets will be prepared and the manner of their financing determined.

10.  Submission requirements:

Application for the artist-in-residence programme is to be submitted via e-mail. Application must include:

a)              One pdf file containing the following:

• completed application form

• CV

• cover letter

• project description

 information concerning the plan of work/research to be carried out, and/or information on the final event to be produced

• proposals for meetings with the audience

• project schedule (spanning 4 to 8 weeks)

• project  budget (up to PLN 5,000)

b)              Scans of project copyright declaration and declaration of consent to processing of personal data and acknowledgement of information concerning personal data processing, all signed by the applicant

c)              Onepdf file with the applicant’s portfolio

11.  Each applicant may submit no more than 2 projects. Comprehensive set of documents and materials should be attached to each submitted project.

12.  Organisers reserve the right to reject submissions which do not meet the requirements of these terms and conditions. 

13.  Organisers reserve the right to modify the scale of projects selected for completion.

14.  Authors of selected projects shall provide necessary material to promote and publicize the residency. General material (personal details, biographical note and picture of the resident, description of the residency, preliminary schedule, graphic material) is to be supplied immediately upon having been selected; detailed materials (exact dates, precise description of the event, final graphic material) will be provided two months prior to the first scheduled event of the residency. 

15.  By submitting the application, the applicant agrees to these terms and conditions and consents for their personal data to be processed for the purposes of this enrolment. 

16.  The organiser reserves the right to include selected works or its fragments without consideration in publicity materials of the Organiser, including online publications, catalogues and other publications relating to the results of enrolment as well as to publish the aforesaid in newspapers or feature it in radio and television broadcasts.   

17.  Sending applications:

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following address: rezydencje@ckzamek.pl

18.  Information regarding the programme and applications::

All information may be obtained from:
Jagna Domżalska  j.domzalska@ckzamek.pl
and Interdisciplinary Projects Section, tel.: + 48 61 64 65 288
Room 122, 1st floor

APPLICATION FORMDeclaration of consent to processing of personal data RESIDENTS IN RESIDENCE 2020 / programme