ZAMEK Culture Centre

ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ \ „Local Connections” \ exhibition by Patrycja Plich

Geographical space is subject to constant translation. Variability of the human loci generates new contexts for the politics and identity to morph and unfold. Settling-in becomes a process of identification in a place, while identity itself remains unsettled in that it is open to novel dependencies generated by the place and the modes of relating to it. The fluxes, however, make it possible to embrace new kinds of identification. The departures and the returns, relocations,  the forced and the voluntary changes determine our belonging to a social context.

By drawing on the individual and collective psychogeographies, one can develop new structures through which our modes of co-being in the world can be comprehended and constituted. Identification occurring at the juncture of strangeness and belonging becomes a topography of places yet to come.

Patrycja Plich’s Wanderland project is centred around the issue of migration. Among other things, her work has yielded a platform which is both an open archive of migration and a place to undertake joint action, consisting in continuous exchange of knowledge and experiences associated with the change of one’s abode. This refers both to the volatile urban tissue and the human stories of arrivals, returns and familiarization. It is a place where individual components of an action achieve their final form, while others venture out into the future, re-connecting and re-engaging persons already associated with the platform.

The exhibition shows the works of the artist and the outcomes of the project’s collective undertakings.


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