Centrum Kultury Zamek


Evritiki Zygia are a vivacious quintet whose name derives from Evros, the fertile valley in north-eastern Greece, once a part of ancient Thrace. The music of Evros is all about songs and dances rooted in the cycle of rural and pastoral life, with its toil and leisure, the joys of birth and wedding, as well as the bitterness of passing. 

The music of that region is performed on a set of melodic instruments called zygia (lit. couple or pair), which in this case consists of bagpipes, the kaval flute and lyre. The latter, played on one’s lap, is a fairly small, bowed three-stringed instrument with a bulbous body. It resembles Bulgarian gadulka rather than the lyre known from antique sculptures that the mythical Orpheus would have used. 

The rhythm of the Evros music relies on davul, a large, double-headed drum also known as daouli. Two sticks are needed to play it—the heavier beats the main pulse, whereas the smaller and flexible one provides it with a syncopating fill. Still, Evritiki Zygia manage to fuse tradition with the modern element by introducing the electric organ, which weaves into the drone of the bagpipes, enriching the songs and dances with a fuller, opulent sound.

tickets: 2 PLN
We would like to inform, that the place and hour of the concert may slightly change.