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Established almost thirty years ago, Kapela Brodów are a veritable legend, a band who played a pivotal role in restoring respect for village music-making. The repertoire of the group comprises compositions which mirror the entire microcosm of traditional music, with songs for pensive moods and for revelry, songs of daily life and sacred days, speaking of the people and the nature, of life and its end.

Musicians from Kapela Brodów venture on their own into the countryside, where they learn songs and dances from the traditional masters. They also enter that world of music through material collected by Oskar Kolberg or archival phonographic resources, translating profound reflection on what they chance upon into action, from which both the artists and their audience derive extraordinary joy of communing with traditional music.

Members of the band set much store by preserving the old ways of playing instruments and singing, attach great importance to the original manner of performance and take care not to thin down the substance of the musical message. At the same time, they remember that the tale they have been entrusted and which they share with others would not be what it is without their individual selves woven into the narrative. Hence they reinterpret the established formulas of music, filling them with renewed energy and emotion.

tickets: 20 PLN
We would like to inform, that the place and hour of the concert may slightly change.

Kuba Mielcarek – bass  
Paweł Iwaszkiewicz – bagpipe, shawm
Bartosz Izbicki – clavichord, harmonium, portative organ
Justyna Piernik – vocal
Marta Maślanka – dulcimer
Witek Broda – violin, hurdy-gurdy