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On December 8th,  Dom Autysty Foundation and ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań  will be joining forces yet again to collect funds for Poznań’s first home for autistic persons. Artists, collectors and galleries have donated some splendid work – now You will be able to buy them! The pieces put up for the Auction for the Home may be seen:
- at the pre-auction exhibition at CK ZAMEK – click here for details
- in a digital catalogue available at (link forthcoming!)
- in successively added posts

You are welcome to view the exhibition from November 30th to December 7th, 2018, in CK ZAMEK’s Exhibition Hall (open daily from 12 pm to 8 pm), as well as from 12 pm to 2 pm on the day of the Auction (December 8th).
Bids may be placed after registering immediately prior to the auction (no bid bonds required). Starting price for all works is PLN 100.

Dom Autysty Foundation was established by parents of autistic children. Our goal is to build a centre for adult autistic persons from Poznań and its environs. Thus far, we have managed to obtain an EU  subsidy for the construction itself, but more funds are still needed to furnish the house and make necessary arrangements on its grounds. We hope that in a little more than a year’s time, Dom Autysty will be fully operational. Nevertheless, we will still need support, since therapy and activities for dependent autistic persons are expensive: to be truly effective they should involve two- to three-person groups, and sometimes the work has to be proceed on the “one to one” basis.

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