Centrum Kultury Zamek


Join us and turn reality inside out! During these holidays we will be looking underneath the lining of clothes and objects, under the surface of urban phenomena, and ultimately take a looking glass to inspect the Castle itself.
The Castle Summer. Inside Out would not be complete without Reverse, the exhibition of photography by Bownik, where the artist presents the unknown facets of well-known or famed pieces of attire. The author himself will share his interpretation during a curatorial guided tour.  

As life means learning all the time, summer can be no exception! Practical lectures in the series “The ins and outs of things” is our proposal for those keen on knowledge in leather-working, jewellery, classical crafts or roofing.

School, work, home... Life does not end there, does it? There are the pubs and the food joints of all kinds, the streets, the space we share – in short, the city. Do we feel well there? Can we feel accomplished in a place like that? Whose is the city and where do the conflicts arise? Join us to get to know the “City Inside Out” at a leisurely pace of a stroll.  The Castle is a place that’s hard not to like – you all prove it, visiting its interiors in no mean numbers. This summer, you are most welcome to drop in to see its less accessible spaces (cellars and attics) and enjoy a walk around the former imperial residence. You will find out about the detail adorning our facades, see the bas-reliefs which have been there since the beginning and discover how functions of the edifice changed over the years. In short, an “Inside Out of the Castle” in the company of our best guides!