ZAMEK Culture Centre


BodyPerformance is a workshop for persons of all ages: those who dance and those who have never done it before. In short, three days devoted to the dancing body, the unrestrained body, to contact improvisation with selected elements of authentic dance and Labana/Bartenieff movement technique.

The classes are inspired by the expressive dance (Mary Wigman) on the one hand, and the grotesque, anarchist dancing modes (Veleska Gert) on the other, focusing on exercises developing body awareness and enhancing individual and spontaneous creation of one’s own movement.
The work will rely on improvisation understood as an action comprising both openness and intensity, the unpredictability of our own selves in relation to oneself, the partner, the group, the environment, as well as objects and situations. In fact we are aiming for a process of continual opening, mindfulness and eliciting communication flows.