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TERRARIUM\Mouth to Mouth Republic Theatre and Wikingowie theatre group

The play premiered on November 25, 2016.

“Terrarium” is a metaphor for being addicted to one’s abode, cultural background, other people, ambient temperature and an attempt at presenting that exceptional, unique space inhabited by its occupants, lodgers and tenants. A microcosm becomes the metaphor of human fates. Reptiles and amphibians, the denizens of the ghastly terrarium, are fairly primitive animals, but they do splendidly reflect human character types. Their behaviours and conduct are very much like the attitudes of the contemporary human, who adopts various strategies of survival. The performance draws inspiration from the reflections upon reading of T. S. Eliot’s “Wasteland”, where the world is nothing but a trap while people are its tormented dwellers.

The performances are also accompanied by educational activities and workshops. COMMON THEATRE aspires for an equally powerful effect on the active participants and the audience alike. The effort of overcoming barriers and stereotypes should be made by both.

Performance is a part of the COMMON THEATRE - authorial performative project realize by Zamek Culture Centre in Poznan, which brings us performances created by people from milieus facing social or disability-related exclusion. The eponymous “commonness” denotes first and foremost the universal need to find oneself in a creative process. It is also a token of our intentions and efforts to make theatre created by the disabled or persons facing social exclusion a fully-fledged artistic phenomenon.

Usta Usta Republika (Mouth-to-Mouth Theatre) - almost all of their projects constitute an experiment connected with a particular situation and space. Leaving out the classically understood theater room, provoked the multilevel play with the space where the particular elements of space become not only parts of the set design but also dramatist personae. The projects created by Poznan Mouth-to-Mouth Theatre force the audience to activity.
Due to the critics, for many years Mouth-to-Mouth Theatre has specialized in actions-performances engaging the whole body, memory and imagination of a spectator. There aren’t any comfortable chairs enabling the audience to peek the actors efforts.
Each of performance presents an author’s project being an original and actual in its significance attempt to interpret surrounding us reality. It is also an invitation for a travel through the tangle events, dreams, situations, people and memory images.
Apart of the members of the Usta Usta Theater, members of Wikingowie took part in the "Terrarium". Wikingowie are a theatre group established few years ago by people from the Centre for the Homeless in Szczepankowo. O
n a daily basis, the group works under the artistic supervision of Dorota Abbe.

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Scenariusz: Ewa Kaczmarek, Wojciech Wiński
Reżyseria: Wojciech Wiński
Kostiumy: Idalia Mantas
Muzyka: Adam Brzozowski
Aktorzy (grupa Wikingowie): Leszek Furmanek, Marek Kwieciński, Przemek Kropiński, Zbyszek Krakowski
Aktorzy (grupa Usta Usta): Ewa Kaczmarek, Roman Andrzejewski, Marcin Głowiński, Artur Śledzianowski, Mikołaj Podworny, Grzegorz Ciemnoczołowski, Przemysław Zbroszczyk, Dominik Złotkowski
Produkcja: Centrum Kultury ZAMEK w Poznaniu



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