Centrum Kultury Zamek

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At ZAMEK Culture Centre we organize various events: concerts, performances, movie screenings, exhibitions, literary meetings, lectures, and workshops in the framework of our studios and outside of them. From international events like Ethno Port Poznań, Poznań of the Poets, MFFD OF CINEMA to artistic experiments performed under the Artist In Residence Programme. You will find the whole schedule of our events here.

Some of our events are free-of-charge, while some require registration in advance or collecting a free pass from the ticket office. Some events require purchasing a ticket.

Tickets are available at the Castle’s ticket office(red tube in the Grand Hall) or through the website Biletów24. There you can find forthcoming events, which require a ticket. We encourage you to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions found below. 


Terms and conditions

1.CK ZAMEK- ZAMEK Culture Centre is located in Poznań on St. Martin street 80/82.
2. Cultural event- Event organized or co-organized by CK ZAMEK (i.e. concerts, performances, movie screenings, exhibitions, tours of the old Imperial Castle with a guide)
3. Tours- Independent tours are free-of-charge, however tours organized by CK ZAMEK require a payment.
4.Ticket-  a document permitting entrance for a particular cultural event, sold on the basis of the price list.
5. Group ticket- a ticket indicating the number of people for which the ticket was bought.
6.Discount ticket- ticket with reduced price can be bought by: children until the age of 15, students, university students, retirees, pensioners, and combatants.
7. Family ticket- a ticket with a discount in accordance with Big Family Card of the city of Poznan.
8. External points- any physical point selling tickets, that is not a ticket office in CK ZAMEK.
9.Online sales- tickets sold online by our website(CK ZAMEK) or by DialCom24 Sp. z o.o.10.Karnet. – a ticket entitling to entrance series of cultural events, specifying a type of the particular event.

II. Online Sales
1.Online ticketing is handled by DialCom24 Sp. z o.o. company, therefore the company takes full responsibility.
2. Online sales are carried out in accordance with DialCom24 Sp. z o.o. company’s policy.

III. External points of sales
1.External points of sales are handled by entities selling in external points, therefore they take full responsibility.
2. External sales are carried out in accordance with the policy of a particular point.

IV. CK ZAMEK ticket office
1.Information about the ticket prices for cultural events are available in the ticket office in CK ZAMEK and online on our website. www.ckzamek.pl
2.Ticket sales are open until the beginning of that particular event. When it comes to exhibitions, ticketing closes 30 minutes before closing the exhibition.
3. Tickets are to be paid by cash or if technical capabilities allow to pay otherwise.
4. CK ZAMEK is not obliged to accept refunds.
5. CK ZAMEK is obliged to accept refunds in case of: cancelation of the event, change of date, or significant changes in the programme of the event. CK ZAMEK announces possibilities and dates of the refund on the website.
6.In case of requesting a refund from CK ZAMEK, submitting the original ticket and the receipt confirming the purchase in CK ZAMEK ticket office is needed.
7. Disabled people have a right to buy a discount ticket. Every disabled person, if needed, is allowed to be accompanied by one accompanying person(free admission).
8.Group ticket can be sold to a group of at least 11 people and maximum 30. The price of a group ticket is determined by multiplication of the price indicated in the price list for one person and the number of people in the group. (i.e. the price for a group ticket for a person 15zl * 15 people in a group = 225 zl)
9.With the purchase of a group ticket for the group, whose only attendants are children or teenagers, for each 10 participants CK ZAMEK provides one ”guardian free pass”, meaning an adult person looking after the group. The above rule does not apply to special screenings in Pałacowe Cinema – detailed information in Pałacowe Cinema regulations.

V. CK ZAMEK reserves the right to any changes connected with cultural events, in circumstances in which CK ZAMEK is not responsible, as well as possible cancelation of an event.