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Azem Deliu

Azem Deliu was born in January 1996 in Skënderaj, Kosovo. In high school he graduated one year earlier than his peers. Being a student of Albanian Literature (University of Prishtina), he was honored with the high university award ʺDistinguished Student“ while publishing the first poetry volume “The Funeral of Rain” (Onufri, Tirana, 2013). The great success of him was the novel ʺThe Illegal Kisser“ (Onufri, Tirana, 2016) which, besides being a national bestseller, has already been translated into English. Interest for the author is growing also in other countries. French press has called him ʺthe great author of the small country“ and ʺthe new star of European literatureʺ. He is a member of the Association of Philosophers of Kosovo since the age of 19. He is being compared by Albanian and foreign media and critics with such names as Kadare, Dostoyevsky and Orwell. ʺThe Illegal Kisser“, his first novel, is also his international debut at the age of 21. His next novel will be written during art residency in ZAMEK Cultural Centre in Poznan, Poland.

photo by Agata Rogoś


The second novel of Azem Deliu that is planned to be written in ZAMEK Cultural Centre during the ʺArtist-In-Residenceʺ program is presented as a project called ʺThe Sounds of Memoryʺ.
ʺDealing with the pastʺ and ʺpost-war traumaʺ of a pianist from Kosovo who was sexually abused during the last war in Balkans will be the subject of the novel.
The main exploration of this project is focused more on the way we deal with memory than on the memory itself. No matter how terrible things have happened, it is important how we remember them.
As a part of his art residency Deliu will be holding a lecture and a public art-talk on the topics related to the project.
This project will aim at reconstructing the experience of war, trying to regain the memory of the main character.

Yet the challenge is even greater: how are victims perceived in the society and are they aware of the fact that “guilt” is something they are not really guilty about?

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