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Epidemics, wars, natural disasters, political and economic crises – parallel, ordinary life, birth, death, love, hatred, everyday life, learning, work, curiosity, boredom, anxiety, peace, joy, sadness, hope, fear ... fate ... destiny. Greek myths have extraordinary power and are cruelly topical.
What becomes important when Goddesses, Nymphs, sometimes Gods, characters from myths endowed with strength in the struggle with fate and destiny stand up to fight for their lives, for their rights, for their development and the power of imagination and numerous talents received as a gift.

What do the myths interpreted by the contemporary young generation of artists hide? Are they seduced by the power of a mythical past? It varies, because the Tribe has its own independence. Sometimes compatible, more often rebellious, not always willing to work from autumn to summer.

… and yet I believe that art is the area where youth finds their individual creative paths, as well as a wise, tribal community.

What traces lead us to the recipients? From the singing Helen to the tragic Medea, through the motanka of Artemis, to the raped Medusa, Leda and the Gorgon, the waiting Penelope, the running Hermes, the spirit of Ahriman, to the mythical apple of discord, the crushed pomegranate seed to the war memory of the echo. Where are the Goddesses and Gods – all the deities and their modern incarnations running along the streets of Wilda, hidden in the thickets of Lake Rusałki, in the computer embroidery workshop, finally revealed in secret corners illuminated in mahogany paneling, in marble walls – caused by the light of projectors, monitored in a mythical labyrinth Castle Culture Centre.

Isabella Gustowska

exhibition open from 10 AM-21 PM

12.06.2023 opening at 6:00 PM, during the opening performance by the band Trzy minuty romantyzmu x Helena

13.06.2023 6 PM curatorial walk with Izabella Gustowska


Clementyna Adamczak
Krzysztof Badowiec
Mieszko Dobek
Barbara Gryczan
Izabella Gustowska
Katsiaryna Kardash
Blanka Kęstowicz
Hanna Klewiado
Adrianna Metryka
Antoni Możdżeń
Izabela Nykiel
Izabela Sitarska
Natalia Sroka
Aleksandra Szalińska
Weronika Witkowska

Exhibition of the Experimental Film Studio I / Performative and Film Activities

prof. Izabella Gustowska, Izabela Sitarska

Abakanowicz University of Fine Arts in Poznań
in cooperation with ZAMEK Culture Centre

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