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PRESENCE in Warsaw\ Inclusive masterclass – movement and choreography with Maria Teresa Engdahl-Høgåsen (NO)

The class is a time and space devoted to exploring movement initiated from different bodies, perspectives and lived experiences. The class welcomes all bodies, shapes and physicalities and all levels of experience, from beginners to professional. Different starting points are seen as a source of inspiration, and we will work both individually and together to access opportunities that lie in our differences. A variety of improvisational techniques inspired from authentic movement and contact improvisation make up the core of the class, but how it unfolds will depend on all the individuals forming the group.

Maria Terese Engdahl-Høgåsen is a Norwegian dancer living with a disability herself. Her work both as a creating artist and as a teacher is centered around working with differently bodied dancers and exploring the opportunities rather than limitations that lie in our differences. Maria is educated from the Norwegian school of sports sciences within the field of sport psychology combined with dance training. She has a background from jazz dance and musical theatre as well as contemporary techniques, but for the past ten years she has been immersing in improvisation, multidisciplinary creations and openly exploring movement from different approaches and perspectives.

For: Anyone (16+) open to explore their bodies, movement, senses and physicality in a shared space. All levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.

The performance was produced as part of the performative project entitled "Presence", prepared by the Zamek Culture Centre in cooperation with the Norwegian CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Warsaw's Teatr 21 thanks to the grant from the Norwegian and EEA Funds


Photograph depicts the masterclass teacher.

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Projekt „Obecność” korzysta z dotacji w wysokości 290 000,00 euro z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii za pośrednictwem funduszy EOG. Wspólnie działamy na rzecz Europy zielonej, konkurencyjnej i sprzyjającej integracji społecznej.

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