ZAMEK Culture Centre

Presentations in Polish with English interpretation

·         Olha Hryhorash – „Lifetime” performance, Emigrant Theatre

·         Alena Hrybianchuk – Mosaic workshop in MiserArt artistic space, Wrocław”

·         Katarzyna Żak-Caplot – My museum, my story”

·         Ivan Kysloshchuk – Promoting cultural events and building the cultural institutions' image among the Ukrainian public: experiencing website”

moderator: Mateusz Nowacki

In the second part of the presentation of good practices, Olha Hryhorash will talk about the history of the creation and activities of the Emigrant Theatre, Alena Hrybianchuk will share her experience of including migrants and people in crisis of homelessness through art, Katarzyna Żak-Caplot will present the effect of a language activity in a museum involving women from China and Ukraine, while Ivan Kysloshchuk will talk about ways of reaching out to Ukrainian audiences.

Olha Hryhorash – a director and actor, founder of the Emigrant Theatre.

Alena Hrybianchuk – a Belarusian-Polish artist, graduate of the Faculty of Arts of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Katarzyna Żak-Caplot – a Slavist and librarian by training, for many years associated with the National Library, since 2015 head of the Warsaw Museum Library. An author of linguistic library and museum projects.

Ivan Kysloshchuk – the executive editor of the web portal He works as a freelance journalist and translator.


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