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Presentations in Polish with English interpretation

Presentations in Polish with English interpretation

·         Nina Burnevich (Ніна Бурневіч) – „Дерево життя – вивчаючи народне мистецтво вивчаємо наше спільне коріння” | The Tree of Life – exploring our common roots through folk art analysis”

·         Judyta Eksner-Alechnowicz, Marina Mashtaler – “Pryvit Great Island art workshops; The Art Island”

·         Agata Gregorkiewicz – emiGRACJE: an integrative project for women”

·         Joanna Pańczak, Katarzyna Wąsowska – Intercultural Community Garden

moderator: Jakub Walczyk

In the first session on good practices, Joanna Pańczak and Katarzyna Wąsowska will talk about the potential of urban gardening for intercultural integration. Agata Gregorkiewicz will share her experience of women's integration through non-verbal practices, while Judyta Eksner-Alechnowicz and Marina Mashtaler will present the effect of a four-month multicultural project on one of the housing estates in Wrocław. Finally, Nina Burnevich will talk about integration through work based on folk art.

Joanna Pańczak – a sociologist, theatre studies expert, cultural animator, and researcher. Programmer of Generator Malta. Originator and author of City Academy programmes. Co-founder of "Lotaryńska 6: Micro Cultural Centre". Member of the grassroots initiative Poznań Garage. Co-founder of cultural research projects.

Katarzyna Wąsowska – a photographer, participant in multiple international shows, a member of the Ostrøv collective.

Agata Gregorkiewicz – an alumnus of the Paris VIII University in Dance and Choreographic Arts. She works with different age groups: children, adolescents̨, adults, seniors as well aṡ people with disabilities and mental illnesses. In her work, she draws on her knowledge of contemporary dance, therapeutic dance and improvisation.

Judyta Eksner-Alechnowicz – an anthropologist, animator, member of the "Garages of Culture" Association.

Marina Mashtaler – a Polish Studies student at the University of Wrocław, associated with the Wrocław-based amateur theatre Ej Aj. She creates her own songs in a genre close to sung poetry, experiments with voice and mood. She is involved in various theatre and music projects dealing with themes of memory and Eastern Europe. Participant of the "Theatre on Facts" project.

Nina Burnevich – a culture manager and curator with over 100 art projects accomplished. In Poznań, she actively develops her creativity as a member of the Art Cluster group of Ukrainian women artists and animators.


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