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Jackie Robarts – “Introduction to Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy: Developments in Practice and Theory” | Presentation in English with Polish translation

This presentation highlights core features of Nordoff & Robbins’ creative improvisational music therapy approach. 

Links will be made between Nordoff & Robbins’ research and modern developmental psychology research. Both fields of study reported similar phenomena of innate musicality, emotional attunement, and its improvisational nature. Developmental psychology has richly documented the dynamic musical features of early communication and ‘meaning-making’, foundational to psychological growth and wellbeing throughout the lifespan.

Slide presentation will be illustrated by video and audio clips of work with children and adults with diverse abilities and needs, and in different educational and clinical settings. 

Examples will illustrate natural musical creativity that arises within improvisational music-making, showing different ways that this can reach and engage through attuning and sharing feelings states of therapy clients – even with those who are ‘hard to reach’ – releasing their natural musicality to bring them into new ‘lived experiences’.


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