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PRESENCE \„Tranquillo” - dir. by Janusz Orlik / Teatr Klucz named after W. Deneka

We are standing in front of you. We are standing close to you, very close.
We are looking in your eyes.
We can hear you breathing.
We are breathing in your words.
We are waiting.
Our dream becomes reality.
Our everyday life an incomprehensible normality.
Some kind of internal, personal conflict of trust.
Be patient.

We would like to invite you to the next premiere put on by Teatr Klucz (formerly: Nowi w Nowym). A dance performance with little text, interpreted into Polish Sign Language.

The actors of Teatr Klucz participated in the „Przylesie” Occupational Therapy Workshop run by the Na Tak Association. Their adventure with theatre began in 2006, with a theatre workshop led by therapist Hanna Rynowiecka and actor Wojciech Deneka. For several years, the group has been working at the ZAMEK Culture Centre under the watchful eye of professional artists. This year, the artistic supervision over the group is exercised by Janusz Orlik, a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Professional dancers have also joined the group.

Janusz Orlik graduated from Warsaw Ballet School and studied at Brucknerkonservatorium Linz in Austria. His own choreographic works include „Exérèse monobloc”, „and thy neighbour as thyself”, „Live on stage”, „The Rite of Spring”, „Mute”, „Insight” (Special Award of The Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland for the best choreography granted as part of the Polish Dance Platform 2014), „Koda (a tribute)” and „III Symfonia” (awarded in the "Competition for a choreographic piece to the music of a Polish composer" organized by the ZAiKS Authors' Association). Since 2002 Janusz has been a regular member of Vincent Dance Theatre (UK). He collaborated with Joanna Leśnierowska, Nigel Charnock, Rosalind Crisp, Isabelle Schad, Ugo Dehaes, Olga Cobos and Peter Mika among others. In 2021 he became a Program Council member of the National Institute of Music and Dance. Janusz delivers movement and choreographic workshops in various venues, dance schools and community centres in Poland and abroad.

A performance for audiences of all ages, translated into Polish Sign Language.

direction, choreography, set design: Janusz Orlik
Mariusz Józefiak, Jarosław Kubiak, Antek Kurjata, Daniel Laskowski, Lidia Piskorska, Piotr Roszak, Magdalena Szalbierz, Mariusz Sztuba, Arkadiusz Żmijewski
Agnieszka Ostrowska in collaboration with artists
light design:
Janusz Orlik, Arkadiusz Kuczyński, Jacek Raczkowiak
therapeutic care: Hanna Rynowiecka

translation into Polish Sign Language: Antek Kurjata, Aleksandra Mayer
production: ZAMEK Culture Centre


The performance was produced as part of the performance project entitled „Presence”, prepared by the Zamek Culture Centre in cooperation with the Norwegian CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Warsaw's Teatr 21 thanks to the grant from the Norwegian and EEA Funds.

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