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The opening of the exhibition\ „IN SEARCH OF THE <s>LOST</s> TIME” - ZUZANNA SZAREK | ANDRI SNÆR MAGNASON

"Scientists say the very base of life - the Earth itself - is crumbling in its foundations. The major ideological systems of the 20th century viewed the Earth and its nature as a cheap and inexhaustible source of raw materials. People believed that the atmosphere could absorb fumes indefinitely, that the oceans could continually take in all the rubbish, that the soil could keep on renewing itself if fertilised, that animal species would give way to humans expanding their living space.

Over the next hundred years, the nature of waters on the Earth will change completely. Most of the glaciers outside the poles will melt down, the surfaces of the seas and oceans will rise, the temperature of the earth will do as well, accompanied by droughts or floods, the acidity of the seas will reach the highest level in fifty million years. All these changes will take place during the lifetime of the child who will be born today and will reach the age of my grandmother, who is now ninety-five years old„.

Andri Snær Magnason, ”On Time and Water", translated by Jacek Godek

The exhibition includes photographs by Zuzanna Szarek and excerpts from the book "On Time and Water" by Andri Snær Magnason, translated by Jacek Godek.

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