ZAMEK Culture Centre

ETHNO PORT 2022: DJ HerrMaszewski (Festival Club)

DJ HerrMaszewski - born in Poznań in the 90s.  At one time, the first bartender in space. An expert on inter-cultural and interplanetary musical connections. He grew up at backstage of concerts and this instilled in him a passion for music and the will to share it with others.  As a DJ, he performed at festivals, such as, e.g.: Ethno Port, Malta or Uroczysko. A long-time resident of Poznań clubs, mainly Meskalinia and Dragona club-cafés. He loves to make people dance and uses different genres and styles of music for that purpose. Funk and the broadly-understood ethnic music or aftobeat are his favourite. He does not like to pigeonhole music, in his sets, you can find inspirations from all over the world - traditional sounds in modern electronic arrangements.