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LITTLE ETHNO: WHAT DOES PEACE SMELL LIKE? - workshop led by Joanna Roszak (9+)

12pm, Castle Courtyard, tickets: 10 zł/child, free admission for an acccompanying adult

What does peace smell like? And what does it look like? How do you create it?  How to decorate it?
Working with words and the body, we will reflect on PEACE (S-POKÓJ - a room that represents peace). We will also transfer our thoughts and emotions onto the wall of the room/PEACE. In this way, we will pass them on to other festival-goers. Look out for a wall in the courtyard of the Castle during Sunday concerts.
Joanna Roszak, the workshop instructor, has been promoting the idea of peace, openness and respect through her creative and educational work for years. She is inspired by the nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, Elise Boulding. The sociologist, born in Sweden in 1920, emphasised the importance of promoting interpersonal peace, openness and recognition of differences not only as potential sources of conflict but also as a starting point for progress. According to Boulding, peace is a hallmark of a civilised society and children, the delicate tissue of the human species, an essential link to long-term social change.  The researcher argued that a respectful relationship with the planet, its water, soil and air will never be established unless "...the youngest children are taught about peace at their homes, in the yards, in the streets and at schools. We need people who know how to resolve conflicts peacefully, from their earliest memories".
During the workshops, we will acquire one of such memories.

Joanna Roszak - Professor at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a literature expert, a teacher of the Polish language in one of the schools in Poznań. A promoter of peace education. She has received the Roman Czernecki Award for her publications on education, a special mention as part of the Irena Sendlerowa Prize and a second-level prize awarded by the Director of the Centre for Arts Education for "special contribution to artistic education of children and teenagers". A poet (e.g. Tego dnia, Przyszli niedokonani, Ploso). She has recently published the following books: Miejsce i imię.  Poeci niemieckojęzyczni żydowskiego pochodzenia (The place and the name. German-language poets of Jewish descent) (2014), Słyszysz synagoga. Wychodząc spod poznańskiej synagogi przy Wronieckiej (Can you hear that? Leaving the synagogue on Wroniecka Street in Poznań) (2015) and Żuraw z origami. Opowieść o Józefie Rotblacie (Origami crane. A story about Józef Rotblat) (2019).

Duration: 1h

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