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LITTLE ETHNO: DESIGN A MANDALA WITH US! - do-it-yourself family workshop with (10+)

Mandala is not only one of the most popular decorative patterns in the world but, above all, it is a symbol of perfection and harmony with centuries of tradition. Tibetan monks still use mandalas for meditation. Since ancient times, as part of a ritual, they have destroyed the fabulously colorful patterns made of sand. Nothing will be destroyed during our workshops, on the contrary, you will take your handmade mandalas home with you!
During the 3-hour workshops, you will learn about the history of this Buddhist symbol, its modern applications and you will also create your own mandala. We will paint, burn or engrave selected patterns using Dremel Multi-Tool. Couples consisting of a child (10+) and an adult are invited to the workshops. Working on mandalas requires precision and the use of power tools, which younger do-it-yourself enthusiasts might not be able to handle. Adults with no children are also welcome.

Creating mandalas is a great way to relax, develop imagination and ability to focus.

Barbara Sowa - co-founder of Majsterki, which has been promoting movements such as DIY, upcycling and eco-design for over 8 years. Majsterki proves that anyone can do things themselves, regardless of age, gender or level of education. In times when everything can be bought, you can learn how to create something unique yourself, save money and, at the same time, give old objects a second life.
Kasia Bilińska - the female element of the Poznań-based duo MAKAZOMA, fascinated with furniture restoration, painting and design.

Duration: 3h

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