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TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE \ Sergiy Babkin \ (of 5'nizza)

Just a few months ago, no one could have imagined that bombs and cruise missiles would fall on cities in the centre of Europe and that Russian soldiers would kill thousands of civilians. Today this is the terrifying reality.

The whole civilised world is trying to help Ukraine, and the Ukrainians themselves are trying to contribute to victory by doing what they do best.

To this end, one of the most famous Ukrainian artists, a member of the legendary duo 5'nizza, Sergiy Babkin, is organising a series of acoustic charity concerts in European cities and in the US. A native and honorary citizen of Kharkiv, which is subjected daily to heavy artillery shelling and bombardment, Babkin raises funds to treat people affected by the war in his home city.

The chamber concert will feature Babkin's solo compositions as well as songs by the legendary band 5'nizza. Apart from enjoying the music, the audience will also be able to communicate with the artist, ask him questions and get honest answers. It will be a special evening, full of the warmth and hope we so desperately need in these difficult times. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Kharkiv relief effort.

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Tickets: 1st pool – PLN 90 (till 31 May), 2nd pool – PLN 100 (1–24 June), PLN 120 (at the doors)


Concert poster – TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE Sergiy Babkin (from 5'nizza)

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