ZAMEK Culture Centre


 The aim of the exhibition is to show the connections between the world of nature and art. The presented photographs of insects, both from Poland and from around the world, give us an opportunity to fully appreciate the unusual creations of nature. The colours, forms and shapes of nature became a source of inspiration for artists and architects. There are two approaches to the exhibition. One aspect is simply taking the aesthetic pleasure from admiring these astonishing photographs. Reading the extended descriptions, on the other hand, will broaden your knowledge of the beautiful creatures presented and of the artistic contexts in which they may appear. These interdisciplinary texts were prepared jointly by a biologist and an art historian.


exhibition curator: Agata Miatkowska-Gołdyn

photographs: Bogusław Daraż

concept, texts and expertise: dr hab. Rafał Bernard, prof. UAM (nature topics), Dr Agata Miatkowska-Gołdyn and Dr Dorota Żaglewska (art topics)
A close-up photograph of a dragonfly against a light background. At the centre of the image are visible the magnificently veined spread wings of the insect.

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