ZAMEK Culture Centre

PRESENCE \ workshop with performers from Candoco Dance Company

This 2 hour workshop with performers from Candoco Dance Company gives the opportunity to engage practically with the company’s current touring repertoire and inclusive technical and creative practices. The training is suitable for disabled and non-disabled dancers, graduates, students or teachers, who are working with the body or movement as a practice.

Workshop led by: Megan Armishaw, Marketa Stranska, Ben Ash

In cooperation with: British Council i Europe Beyond Access
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Projekt „Obecność” korzysta z dotacji w wysokości 288 050,58 euro z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii za pośrednictwem funduszy EOG. Wspólnie działamy na rzecz Europy zielonej, konkurencyjnej i sprzyjającej integracji społecznej.


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