ZAMEK Culture Centre

Můj útěk (My Escape in Czech). Nadia Lichtig

Můj útěk (My Escape in Czech) is Nadia Lichtig's first solo show in Poland (the artist took part in a group exhibition at the Ceentre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia in 2020). Lichtig is going to present two series of works in which she explores memory, both personal and collective. She follows in the footsteps of her grandmother, who escaped from a concentration camp in Zamość to reach Budapest via the Carpathian Mountains. She reconstructs that dramatic journey through painting, printmaking, frottage, drawing and sound. She seeks to interpret the inner images and emotions associated with the story, mediated by her grandmother's tale. At the same time, her own memories turn out to exude a kind of perverse warmth themselves. The aim of the project is to question memory and examine the changes it undergoes, to analyse the relationship between memory and fiction, and discover the images that may arise from memories.
As a part of Residents in residence,
curator: Jagna Domżalska

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