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ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE \ open call 2022 \ deadline: 30.07.21

ZAMEK Culture Centre is an interdisciplinary institution presenting the most interesting phenomena of contemporary culture, in which visual arts, theatre, movie, music and literature intermingle and complement each other. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of our audiences and develop their individual competencies and sensitivity. We also wish to be a place of artistic experimentation by providing artists with conditions to create works and meet with the audience.

Despite the uncertainty concerning both the financial situation and the functioning of the institution in the coming year, we remain committed to supporting the work of artists and enabling the implementation of interesting projects. We are announcing recruitment for the residency programme for artists, including those from outside of Poland. 

There are two types of possible residences:
– CONCEPTUAL RESIDENCE, i.e. a creative residency during which artists work on a project or a part of a project, after which a presentation or the final result are not expected,


– PRODUCTION RESIDENCE concluded with an artistic event.

The stay may last from 6 to 12 weeks and can be divided into stages.

We provide:
·       accommodation in a resident's apartment,
·        workshop,
·        fee (approx. PLN 2, 000 gross per month plus subsistence allowance),
·        production budget of PLN 3,000 – 8,000 gross, depending on the length of stay and type of the project,
·        art curator's supervision,
·        promotion of the stay and the project,

We expect:
With regard to conceptual residency:
– meetings with the audience in any form (lecture, presentation, artist talk, workshop, etc.) once every three weeks.
With regard to production residency:
– meetings with the audience in any form (lecture, presentation, artist talk, workshop, etc.) once every three weeks and a final artistic event (exhibition, concert, film presentation, etc.).

The proposed meetings must be possible to be carried out online or have an online event substitute in the event of a lockdown.

All propositions are welcomed, although we are particularly interested in supporting projects:
·        relating to our changing reality, posing questions about the present situation and forecasting the future, whether in the context of the pandemic or the ecological, social or political situation,
·        from any field of art (visual arts, literature, music, sound art, dance,
performance, choreography, architecture, movie).

More details:

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