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Well-known to the Ethno Port audience, the trio of female artists combine music and theatre in their work. Keen on experimenting with sound, they weave various techniques of producing it into their singing, along with a set of original instruments.  In June this year, Sutari released a new album, entitled Siostry Rzeki, which is best described by the artists themselves::


“A river is a route for travellers, a source of water and food, home to numerous species of animals, and a natural boundary. A river gives rise to many customs, beliefs, rituals, and stories. It is a site where people rest, celebrate and commune with mysteries. Rivers are the veins of Mother Earth, which intertwine into the most precious plait of life-giving force that deserves our respect and care.
To us, our planet is very important. We wholeheartedly support and contribute to conservation efforts aimed at protecting nature and all life on Earth.  For this reason, the title of our album draws on the fantastic ecological-artistic undertaking Siostry Rzeki

Our Siostry Rzeki is a dialogue with folk traditions relating to nature, freedom, womanhood and sisterhood. It is a tale of the inner power within that spells a change of our fates.
This album is dedicated to Mother Earth and all those who labour to protect the environment we all share.”



Kasia Kapela − vocals, violin, kankles, frame drum, percussion

Asia Kurzyńska − vocals, violin, frame drum, percussion

Basia Songin − vocals, Wolf, Owl, frame drum, percussion, looper


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