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ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ \ Kapela Timingeriu

Kapela Timingeriu is a band born out of the need to experience music at a particular time, place, and context. Music-making is a pretext for a lively and open encounter.  The ensemble are at home on both large and small stages; they take part in theatre performances, circus shows, cabaret and comedy, as well as other unorthodox cultural events. 

They play and sing an effervescent interpretation of Gypsy, Balkan and Jewish music that is likely to rouse everyone to dance in an atmosphere of unrestrained joy.

The origins of the group go back to 2009. The band has grown since then, joined by more aficionados of musical adventure, which they pursue travelling with their instruments in Poland and abroad: hitchhiking, on a barge, on bikes and by car.



Katarzyna Kapela Timingeriu − violin, vocals

Jakub Kurek − trumpet

Jędrzej Kuziela − percussion
Mikołaj Nowicki – double bass

Mateusz Rybicki – clarinet

Ewa Timingeriu − clarinet, vocals

Jacek Timingeriu − accordion, vocals


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